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You can contact Simeon's Trustees through the form to the right or using the details below.

Ann Brown, Executive Officer, has worked for the Trusts for over twenty years so has a great deal of knowledge to guide parishes and those seeking a new post.  She looks forward to hearing from you.

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Expecting a vacancy?

If you are a Churchwarden or PCC member of a church in which Simeon's or Hyndman's have a patronage interest and you are expecting a vacancy (interregnum), this is the place for you!  We have a great deal of information on handling a vacancy with confidence and can help support you until a new priest is appointed. We believe patronage to be a special and valuable gift of God to the Church of England. The Patronage Benefices Measure (1986) guides our work.

Whenever a new vicar is appointed three parties are involved - the patron nominates a candidate, the PCC through its elected representatives and the bishop affirm or veto the patron's nomination and the Bishop institutes the candidate.

Where presentation is suspended and a Priest-in-Charge rather than an Incumbent is to be appointed we will still play a role in the appointment process.

As patron we will ensure a balanced collaborative approach to the appointment.  Occasionally Parish Representatives can feel uncomfortable or even pressurised when faced with senior diocesan figures; we can offer 'critical friendship' and support and act as a bridge between parish and diocese.

These leaflets may be of help:

Each benefice in vacancy will be assigned a trustee who will work closely with the PCC and Diocese.  The trustees are:

  • Men and women rooted in an evangelical heritage

  • Looking for leaders who are mission-hearted, prayerful, and visionary

  • Offering parishes prayerful and practical support

  • Able to draw on a large database and knowledge of available candidates, nationwide